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- Thiết kế nhỏ gọn

- Màn hình hiển thị LED 7 đoạn
- Dãy nhiệt độ 0…+4500C
- Cho PT100 loại 2/3/4 dây
- Ex


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The IRE33DS Exi is part of an electronic trace heating system device in safe area. The re- sistance thermometer will be installed in a haz- ardous are and is a component of the intrinsically safe circuit. The measurement value processing is micro-controller-operated.
If the line is interrupted or the resistance ther- mometer is not connected, the heating circuit will be opened. If there is no supply voltage, the en- ergy supply for the circuit will be interrupted.
The temperature sensor IRE33DS Exi can be operated with all DIN 3440 industrial resistance thermometers PT100 DIN.
The Ex-Protection thereby is not limited.
Technical Data
Supply voltage: 24 - 265V AC/DC
   II (2) G [Ex ib] IIC/IIB
Measurement range: 0 .. +450°C Approval
Switching capacity: 5A TÜV 10 ATEX 555822
Switching hysteresis: 1,5K  Ordering Information
Ambient temperature: -20…+50°C Part number:  IRE33DS Exi
Dimensions (WxHxD): 55 x 75 x 110mm 
Power consumption: ca. 2,5VA
Further Information

Please consult the installation instructions!