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- Đầu vào nhiều loại điện áp

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The IRE168DS will be engaged on DIN-Rail (35mm).
The Dimension of 69x85x62 mm allows an ideal utilization of the cabinet.
The controller is available as 2 point- or PID- controller. Different sensors can be fitted. The IRE168DS has all adjustment features that are required for electric heat-tracing with easy operation.
Furthermore you have Set- and Process-Value simultaneously on the 2- line Display.

Technical Data Ordering Information
Rating: 100-240V~ ± 10% Part-Number:
Switching-capacity: 1 change-over 16A IRE168DS: Electronic Controller 16+8A
  1 On-contact 8A Alternative Products
Switching-Accuracy: 0,5% of Scale Range Part number:
  +1 Digit at 25°C IRM040b: Mechanical capillary tube-
Operating- / -5..+55°C Further Products
Storage-temperature: -20..+85°C Part number:
Temperature Range: -200..+800°C IRPT100: PT100 Temperature sensor 3-Wire
Dimension (lxhxw): 70x85x61mm
Wattage: max. 4W Quintherm Distribution in breaker-box with 3-pole earth leakage circuit
breaker, Fuses, Load-Conductor and Controller IRE168DS. Completely pre-wired.
Further Information
Please consult the operation instructions!