IRPT100Ex/CF (10000)

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Số liên lạc:
(028).3978 2976 - 0888.183.943
IRPT100Ex/CF (10000)
Liên hệ
- Thiết kế nhỏ gọn
- Cáp bọc PTFE nên rất mềm dẻo
- Lên đến +2000C
- Thiết kế 4 core
- Theo tiêu chuẩn mới nhất
- Ex
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Because of the PTFE cable the IRPT100Ex/CF temperature sensor is very flexible.
Due to the short 60mm sensor  the IRPT100Ex/CF can be fitted easily to almost every measuring point.
The wide temperature range of -50…+200°C also allows a wide range of applications
Technical Data Ordering Information
Rating Voltage: max. 60V  Part number: IRPT100Ex/CF
    Part number: IRPT100Ex/CF 10000
Measurement Range: -50…+200°C    (with 10,0m PTFE-cable)
Signal Circuit: max. 10mA AC/DC Marking
Sensor Diameter: 6mm II 2GD Ex e II T1-T6
    II 2GD Ex tD A21 IP66 T 60°C
Sensor Length: 60mm Approval
Supply Cable Length: 1,5m PTFE  VTT 07 ATEX 010X
(or 10,0m for IRPT100Ex/CF 10000)   Additional Products
Measurement System: 4-wire Part number:  
    IRE168DS: Electronic controller
      2 relay 16+8A 
    AG 99 Ex: Ex-Enclosure for
      PT100 temperature sensors
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