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Liên hệ
- Thiết kế nhỏ gọn
- Cáp 3MM OD nên rất mềm dẻo
- Lên đến +5500C
- Thiết kế 4 core
- Theo tiêu chuẩn mới nhất
- Ex
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Because of the small outer diameter of 3mm the IRPT100Ex3 temperature sensor is very flexible to use.
The IRPT100Ex3 is a 3mm thick 1.000mm long sheathed cable, which is filled with magnesium oxide.
The flexible part starts immediately after the 25mm long sensor head and thus provides maximum flexibility.
The wide temperature range of -50…+550°C also allows a wide range of applications.
Technical Data Ordering Information
Rating Voltage: max. 60V  Part number: IRPT100Ex3  
Measurement Range: -50…+550°C Marking
Max. Temperature: +550°C sensor head II 2GD Ex e II T1-T6
  +125°C terminals II 2GD Ex tD A21 IP66 T 60°C
Signal Circuit: max. 10mA AC/DC Approval
Sensor Diameter: 3mm VTT 07 ATEX 014X
Sensor Head Length: 25mm Additional Products 
Flexible Part Length: 975mm Part number:  
    IRE168DS: Electronic controller
Measurement System: 4-wire   2 relay 16+8A 
    AG 99 Ex: Ex-Enclosure for
      PT100 temperature sensors
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