IPMM…C 2000C

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IPMM…C 2000C
Liên hệ
 Chịu được nhiệt độ lên đến 2000C    
- Chiều dài có thể cắt theo yêu cầu    
- Đầu ra có thể lên tới 33W/m      
- Phạm vi điều khiển rộng, đầy đủ phụ kiện, tiêu chuẩn rộng
- Có sẵn loại  220 - 277V AC (110 - 120V AC on request)
- Ex
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IPL is a constant wattage heating tape that can be used for freeze protection or maintenance of process temperatures in pipework and vessels.
It can be cut-to-length at site and can replace mineral insulated (MI) cables for applications where the cut-to- length feature or field fabricated heating cable is preferred.
IPL is approved for use in non-hazardous areas.
Because of the special construction with “heating zones” no additional cold lead is needed. From cut point to the next heating wire bonding point the heating cable remains cold and serves as cold lead.
The installation of IPS heating tape is quick and simple and requires few special skills or tools. Termination and power connection components are all provided in convenient kits.


IPL… Basic heating tape without braiding and without outerjacket.
IPL…C Tinned copper braid providing mechanical protection or where traced equipment does not provide an effective earth path. eg. plastic pipework.
IPL…CT Thermoplastic outerjacket over tinned copper braid provides additional protection.
IPL…CF Fluorpolymer outerjacket over tinned copper braid provides protection where corrosive chemical solutions or vapours may be present.
Technical Data Maximum Pipe / Workpiece Temperature
Maximum Temperature: 300°C (Un - Energized)   The surface of the heater must not exceed the maximum withstand temperature of its constructional materials or the Temperature Classification (if installed in a hazardous area). This is ensured by limiting the pipe or workpiece temperature to a safe level either by design calculation (a Stabilised Design) or by means of temperature controls.
For worst case conditions, the temperature of steel pipes should be limited to the following levels
Max Operation Temperature: see table  
Minimum Insallation Temperature: -40°C  
Power Supply: 220-240V AC  
Temperature T3(200°C) - T5  
Weights and dimension: Type Nom Output T6 T5 T4 T3 T2 T1 Save
Type Nom Dimensions (mm) Weight Kg/100m Min. Bending (mm) Gland size
IPMM.. 6.5

Not Approved

IPMM… 7.5 x 4.8 6 20 M16 13 176
IPMM…C 9,0 x 6,0 9 25 M16 23 139
IPMM…CF 9.8 x 6,8 11 30 M20 33 97

IPMM..C 6.5 54 72 115 187 190 190 190
13 30 45 87 173 179 179 190
23     47 144 149 149 149
33       102 107 107 107
IPMM..CF 6.5 54 4 121 190 190 190 190
13 21 41 90 180 185 185 185
23     39 152 159 159 159
33       103 108 108 108
Construction Maximum Circuit Length
Heating Element: Nickel-Chromium   Max. Circuit Length Zone Length
Power Conductors: Tin Plated Copper 2,5mm² Output (W/m) 115V 230V 115V 230V  
Conductor Insulation: Fluoropolymer + Silicon Rubber 6,5 111m 212m 1000mm 1500mm
Jacket: Fluoropolymer 13 78m 150m 741mm 1100mm
Braid: Tinned Copper 23 59m 113m 900mm 1000mm
Over Jacket: Fluoropolymer 33 49m 94m 1000mm 950mm
Ordering Information Power Conversion Factors
  115V Heating Tape 230V Heating Tape  
277V Factor 5.80 277V Factor 1.45
230V Factor 4.00 240V Factor 1.09
208V Factor 3.27 220V Factor 0.91
120V Factor 1.09 208V Factor 0.82
110V Factor 0.91 115V Factor 0.25
Accessories Further Information
Quintex offers a complete line of accessories, temperature controller, connection sets as well as different enclosures. These products are recommended for a failure free operation. Accessories
Please consult the appropriate termination instructions and the installation manual
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