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Số liên lạc:
(028).3978 2976 - 0888.183.943
Đèn báo không tự cảm ứng cho đường dây truyền tải điện
Liên hệ

• Self-powered and autonomous system
• Proven design in operation worldwide
• Self-centered on the conductor cable thanks to a specific nut
• Product completely filled with resin to avoid vibration issues on the electronics
• Only 1 reference for all line voltage capacities
• No corona effect
• Installation time reduced
• No maintenance required

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The LEDEO BHT is a one assembly low intensity light dedicated to the beaconing of high voltage lines. It operates with a current transformer that uses the electro-magnetic field of the line to power up the LEDs. It is an autonomous and long lifetime system (100 000 hours), which design has been proven worldwide. With only one reference serving all the power line capacities, its compact design and light weight allow the quickest and easiest installation on the market.


The LEDEO BHT complies with the ICAO regulations as it is power supplied by the magnetic field around the cable of the high voltage line. The light can be used for beaconing high voltage lines up to 500kV. The installation specifications for high voltage overhead cables are mainly dealing with the intervals between two beacons:
• 70 meters for sensitive specification location in the vicinity of an airport
• 105 meters for other locations


Luminous Source Red LEDS
Horizontal / Vertical beam 360° / 10°
Luminous intensity > 10 Cd > 32 Cd
MTBF 100 000 hours
Voltage lines 1kV to 500kV
Operating temperature -55°C to +100°C
Current Imin 10A
Current Imax 3000A
Protection class IP66
Body materail ABS
Lens material Polycarbonate with bird spike
Mounting Fixation nuts
Height/ Width 380mm / 215mm
Weight < 6 Kg
Humidity 100%
Frost -60°C
Wind speed 240 Km/h
CE EN60947-1
CEI60364, NF C15-100
2014 / 35 / UE
ICAO Annex 14, Volume I, Chapter 6
Quality ISO 9001 : 2015
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