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 Outer Diameter



 Length (meter/ inch)

 1.5m (59")



 Stainless Steel Braid



 Insertion Tube and Tip


 Chemical Compatibility

 Machine Oil, Heating Oil, Engine Oil, 3.5% Concentrated Saltwater, Diesel Fuel


 Field of View (H/V)

 700/ 700


 F No

 F 5.3


 Depth of Field

 15mm ~ 


 Illumination Method

 6 Super High - Intensity White LEDs


 Articulation Range

 3600 (over 900 in every direction )


 Articulation Control

 Joystick with “Direct Control” Mechanism


 Rigid Distal End Length


 LCD Monitor


 3.5inch Color Digital LCD

 GAIN Adjustment


 5 levels

 Still Capture / Record Function


 Still Image(No LED Flash Capturing)



 Time-lapse Recording (Video)

 Input/ Output Terminal

 Video Output

 2.5m Stereo Mini Jack for RCA Video Output (NTSC/PAL)


 USB Output

 Mini B Terminal Ver 2.0 Video Capture output

(Includes Driver/ Viewer Software)


 Audio Output

 Monaural Flat Jack for Hands-free Earphone


 Microphone Output

 Monaural Flat Jack for Hands-free Microphone


 Storage Media

 MicroSD Card (Max.2GB)


 Still Image

 JPEG 400X400 pixels



 Motion JPEG (AVI file extension)400X400pixels 15~30fps

Voice recording function via the attached microphone


 Storage Capacity

(with 1GB MicroSD Card)

 Still Image: Max.500 pictures

Movie Recording: Approx.60 minutes (Normal Mode)

Approx.9 hours (Time-lapse Mode)

 Playback Funtion


Still image: Thumbnail 9-image Display/ Full Screen Display

Video: Play, Pause

 Menu Operation


 Image Adjustment (Brightness, Contrast, Hue, Sharpness)



 Delete Stored Image



 Time and Date Setting



 Language: Japanese/ English



 USB Mass Storage

 Operating Temperature (Insertion Tube)


In Air: -300C~600C (-220F~1400F) In Liquid: 100C~300C (500F~860F)

 Power Supply


 DC 6V [four AA alkaline batteries]



 100V ~ 240V

 Operating Time


 Max. 1.5 hours (with four AA alkaline batteries)



 480g (without batteries at 1.5 m length)

 Carrying Case


 495 X 420 X 145mm

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